Planet Earth - Just Visiting

by Songs Of Dave

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A collection of 2013 home-studio recordings from the pen, guitar, bass, programming etc., of David Kingston


released October 3, 2013



all rights reserved


Songs Of Dave England, UK

David Kingston is a singer/songwriter, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, former Hare Krishna devotee (Divyasimha SRS, 1980 - 94), vegetarian of 35+ years ...

David's songs are generally confessional or observational in nature, sometimes comedic or ironic, mostly of philosophical or theosophical subject-matter ... often in the form of imagined dialogue with God.
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Track Name: Brave New World
Verse 1
Born into an English family
I was raised to sip my cup of tea
Perpetuate the British way
Keep smile on face, quietly disagree

Verse 2
Absorb my lessons learned at school
Fill head with facts, obey the rules
Own opinion warned to bury deep
Pass my exams, become educated fool

My thought not my own all my life
Ideas - were they ever mine? [realise]
My cast-in-stone are stalagmite grown
Hear the drip drip drip

Verse 3
Understood my place and social class
Blank out those questions never ask
Buy social norms and wait in line
Cog in machine - n'you wonder why?

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
They target me with google ads
Invade my space on TV screen
Good little consumer become
Huxlian speak dumb epsilon

Verse 5
As governmental corporate
On business model legislate
Remember now that brave new world
Can't help but see parallel

Repeat Chorus

Verse 6
Everything I knew and understood
I've come to doubt - no more believe
Peel back layered conditioning
See who remains - the naked me
Track Name: Step You Forward Aquarian
Verse 1
I'm not here to persuade
Just represent
A way of thinking of life on earth
And why we took birth

Verse 2
I've not come to impose
My opinion
But if my words resonate with you
Then let us relate

Identify your self
Step you forward aquarian

Verse 3
I'm not here to disturb
You from your choice
Unless that's what you decide you want
To change direction


Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Shades Of Grey II
Chorus A
You want black and white
Simple wrong or right
But life colours always shades of grey

Chorus B
You crave certainty
Faith you can embrace
But choice conjures always shades of grey

Verse 1
Require your truth
Be absolute
No ifs or buts doubt
So even when
Sometimes sense lie
You tend to deny

Repeat Chorus A


Verse 2
And ev'ry one
Deceive them self
When they pretend see
Why won't they say
Sure, I don't know
Just what I choose
Choose to believe true?

But I might be wrong

Repeat Chorus A & B
Track Name: Around In Circle
Chorus A
Desire to make sense
You want to understand
No matter you try
You end back on your fence

Chorus B
Each revelation
More mystery reveals
Around in circle
Sometimes that's how it feels

Verse 1
Take the laws of nature
Brutal by design
Why it has to be this way?
What does this say about the law maker?

Repeat Chorus A with last line adjustment
'Still sitting on that fence'

Verse 2
Take idea of karma
Action and reward
But you don't find something that binds you
Consistent with self divinity

Repeat Chorus B


Verse 3
Take the plight of victim
Will against oblige
If every blade of grass is moving
Only on your say so, where's the love?

Repeat Chorus A with last line adjustment
'You return to your fence'

Repeat Chorus B with last line adjustment
'At least that's how you feel now'
Track Name: Smoke And Mirrors
Verse 1
You want to know the reason why you are here
You need this information now
Reveal the hidden meaning
Read between the lines
You want to get this clear

Verse 2
You want an explanation believable
Something that resonates inside
You need an understanding
Power to apply
Your self with confidence

Chorus A
Require an answer
Demand to know the truth
The smoke and mirrors
Desire to see through

Verse 3
Some choose a life adventure representing light
They illustrate that light exists
They tolerate the darkness
Permeating Earth
Agree to take birth here

Chorus B
Ask them the answer
Desire to know the truth
The smoke and mirrors
Aspire to see through


Light exists - it's up to you
War is over - if you want it

Chorus C
Beyond the answer
Regardless lie or truth
The smoke and mirrors
See how they serve you
Track Name: Upside Down
Verse 1
I, I want to know it
I need to understand
The reason why
I'm all ears to listen
I want to make it clear
I'm here to hear

I want to know your name
Where you are come from
You step in to my life
Now ev'rything turning upside down
Don't walk a way

Verse 2
You, you got me confused
I used to be okay
But now I'm screwed
Whom do you think you are
I want to hear this straight
From horses mouth

Repeat Chorus


Verse 3
May be one and different
All inconceivable
Can both be true?
You may contradict me
But I say we are wonderful always

Repeat Chorus to Fade
Track Name: I'm British, Sorry
Verse 1
I pass you standing by the side,
I wonder what you're thinking
There's something sad about your eyes
I wonder what they're seeing

Verse 2
I look around but there's no dog
I wonder why you come here
Maybe some private memory
Of something dear makes you stare

Say hello, good morning
Nice weather, how is your life
I'm thinking, but never
Would verbalise, I'm British, sorry

Verse 3
I see you resting on the bench,
The one beside the church door
I see myself in years from now
Remembering words unsaid

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
Sometimes I pass you in the street
I wonder where you're going
Us, you and I, lone walkers both
See you again tomorrow

I hope I do - chin up old bean ... sorry about that ... nice day, been a bit chilly lately.
Track Name: Outsider
Verse 1
I see your face - old photograph
I try to place the leafy path
I feel a smile warm in my soul
You were always outsider

Verse 2
I type your name in facebook search
Trial and error a skype id
Scroll page down friends reunited
But you as always outsider

I wonder where are you, how are you?
Remember our friendship, how we were

Verse 3
I ask around, where did you go?
But been so long nobody know
And after all was I who left
Though you were always outsider

Repeat Chorus


Verse 4
I send my love where you are now
Dead or alive find you somehow
Or see you in another life
Brother you always my outsider
Track Name: Who Do I Think You Are?
Verse 1
Who am I to insist now's the time,
Decide you must break from character?
Whom do I believe you really are?
Why do I deny you?

Verse 2
Who am I to insist now's the time,
Decide you must wake up from this dream,
Walk away from all you've manifest,
In the name of mercy?

Who do I think you are?
Who do I think you are?
No less is my role played after all

Verse 3
Who am I to decide you are lost,
Insist now your soul needs saving?
Finally it dawns it's more for me
You facilitate me


Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Even When
Verse 1
Can't explain why
A - theist views so annoy me
Entitled to opinion they are

Verse 2
Why lose sight of
Life is like a game of role play
Designed to facilitate feeling

In everyone
Try to see you
Even when you
Say you do not exist

Verse 3
I should be less
Slave to judgement, more accepting
Aware of set perfection always


Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
Admire this
Deep ironic sense of humour
A - theist ego serves you no less
Track Name: Ever Had A Dream?
Ever had a dream you can't wake up
Even though you sense it isn't real?
Even though you feel there's something wrong
Ever think my life is like a dream?

Verse 1
Welcome to my show
So happy you could come
Us is only just begun
Fantasy collide
Connect as, you and I
Open ended, no prescribe

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Now that we are here
Select a hat to wear
What role shall I play for you?
Will I act as friend
Or thorn in side pretend?
Who am I to you decide


Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Postcard Home
Verse A1
I take my birth nineteen fifty nine
Arrive on Earth for adventure
Like holiday far away from home I travel

Verse B1
Do not believe
Rumours we heard
But now I see they're all true
Some things I find
They blow my mind
Especially the dark stuff

Verse A2
Yet here I am walking in the darkness
Sometimes I feel a little home-sick
Stiff upper lip
After all I'm born in England

Verse B2
Sometimes I feel
Myself tourist
I'm out of place in this place
I can't relate
To what goes on
Don't understand the customs

Verse A3
The folks back home
They will think I make up
When I recall
Things I witness
Like government try'n' to run country like business

Having great time, the weather's fine
I wish you were here with me
People are lovely, though bit crazy
I'll see you when I get back


Verse B3
Some things I see
Mind me of home
Green countryside, meadows gold

Verse A4
But there is war
Animals for slaughter
On such a scale - stains the ground red
And no one here
Poses connection between them

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Greyscale
Verse 1
My choice is made
Conviction firmed up
And belief 'truth usurped'

Verse 2
So sets the stage
Conflicting view wars
The other side must be wrong

But black and white
We all know
Never mirrors original like greyscale

Verse 3
Now I call fact
Once wishful thinking
Why I so readily forget?

For black and white
We all know
Never mirrors original like greyscale

Verse 4
At crossroads pause
But will we come clean?
There is no certainty, sorry.

(Black and White, black and white)

Chorus (last line)
Never mirrors original like greyscale