Walk The Earth

by Songs Of Dave

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A collection of songs written and recorded in the period between 2009 and 2011


released January 27, 2017



all rights reserved


Songs Of Dave England, UK

David Kingston is a singer/songwriter, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, former Hare Krishna devotee (Divyasimha SRS, 1980 - 94), vegetarian of 35+ years ...

David's songs are generally confessional or observational in nature, sometimes comedic or ironic, mostly of philosophical or theosophical subject-matter ... often in the form of imagined dialogue with God.
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Track Name: All In The Morning
Verse 1
Roll on the morning after
Rein in the night before
Filled as it was with laughter
Echoing encores

Verse 2
Remember all those good times
Context set by the bad
Seems so perfect in hindsight
What a life we had!

All in the morning
Done with the dreaming
Rise to the real life
Opened eyes everyone starts again

Verse 3
Unaware quest for feeling
Pure language of the soul
Nevertheless succeeding
Feeling emotion

Verse 4
Beyond a size of IQ
Species of life this birth
None of these compromise you
De-value your worth

Repeat Chorus


Verse 5
See as the day is dawning
Now this becomes a dream
Clear in the light of morning
Real as it once seemed

Chorus to fade
Track Name: Always
Verse 1
Always thinking
Always pondering on
Always digging
Always searching
Always questioning why
Needing answers

Chorus V1
So you one day rest in peace
Peace with who you've become
Accepting consequence

Verse 2
Always conscious
Even when a sleeping
You are dreaming
Always feeling
Your emotion holds you
Speaks your language

Chorus V2
Listening you live in peace
Peace with who you've become
Embracing consequence


Verse 3
All opinions
Are just points of view held
Call what you will
Track Name: The Hard Part's Believing
Over and over
Blind to my power
Doubting is easy
The hard part's believing

Verse 1
Everyone's so serious
Focused on the here and now only
Everyone's oblivious
To the possibilities in time

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Everyone is one of us
Underneath we're all the same inside
Nobody is one of them
The them only exist within my head

Over and over ...


Repeat Chorus
Track Name: In My Heart
Chorus A
Makes me wanna pack a bag
Head into the hills
Climb upon the higher ground
Wander in the fields

Verse 1
I believe in you
You believe in me
True, we don't always see things eye to eye

Verse 2
But we believe in truth
Never thought much of lies
Somehow they never satisfied our soul
In my heart

Chorus B
Times I wanna get away
Leave the stress behind
Walk along a river path
Liberate my mind

Verse 3
I believe in you
You believe in me
Some say simply discuising self belief

Verse 4
We may choose to pretend
Forget because it serves
But still in the end still the fact remains
In my heart

Chorus C
Maybe we can start again
Get back to the land
Feel connected to the earth
Try to understand

Verse 5
I can see through you
You can see through me
Are there really two birds upon this tree?
In my heart
Track Name: One And Different
Verse 1
I want to see you in my stars
When I look up
I want to find you watching

Verse 3
I want to see you in my heart
When I look in
I want to find you smiling

Everyone is part of you
Everybody's one and different om namaha!

Verse 3
I want to be all you can be
When you cre ate
We want to feel emotion

Repeat Chorus

Track Name: Try'n' To Get Back Home
Verse 1
I've been wandering through the universe
Wearing various disguise
So many times I have taken birth
As many times I die

Verse 2
I sometimes think I have found my way
Now I’m no longer blind
Existential problems gone away
But then again change my mind

Though I try to believe
We are not alone
Still confused in my mind
Try'n’ to get back home

Verse 3
Engineering things behind the scenes
Across species of life
Sending letters just like Mr Bean
Surprised when they arrive

Verse 4
And as I journey through this land of dreams
Addicted to my sleep
Nothing here is quite how it seems
My alarm clock beeps

Repeat Chorus


Verse 5
Sometimes I try to wake up
Face up to the truth
If I don't like it then I make it up
Is that the same as you?

Repeat Chorus to fade
Track Name: Live The Dream
Verse 1
Cruising in the morning
Fumble for the snooze button
Just another ten minutes - promise

Verse 2
Drifting in a day dream
Staring at my coffee cup
Just another ten minutes - call back

But I'm getting tired
Spending life asleep
Must again decide
Do I live the dream?

Verse 3
Dozing on the sofa
Turn the T V way down low
Just another ten minutes - or so

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Walk The Earth
Verse 1
I spend my time
I live my life
I breath my breaths numbered
I make my way
Create my truth
Believe my mind serves me

I walk this earth
Soft grass between my toes
I choose my birth here
Forget I'm just visiting

Verse 2
Embrace the rain
Upon my skin
I love the wind blowing
I soak the sun
Warm on my face
And freeze the rain snowing

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
I find my mate
I procreate
I beat my heart fulfilled

Repeat Chorus to fade
Track Name: Perfection In These Moments
Verse 1
And if I walk the road with you
Let us agree right from the start
That neither one is tying down
Even if we choose to fall in love

Verse 2
And if I share my path with you
Then let us try to stand apart
As we are one but not the same
Though we may overlap at times

And as we journey side by side
I feel I almost know you
And I begin to realise
Perfection in these moments

Verse 3
So as I give my life to you
And offer sacrifice for you
Please know I live my life for me
As this becomes the life I choose

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: I Never Become Someone Else
I never become
Become someone else
Even I pretend
I remain my self

Verse 1
Though I may talk the talk
And sometimes walk it
This may convince the world but
Still underneath it I'm still the same me

I never become
Become someone else
Even I forget
I remain my self

Verse 2
And I may make you smile
By playing joker
I may embrace that role but
Still underneath it I'm still the same me

I never become
Become someone else
Even live a lie
I remain my self


Verse 3
May say I don't exist
Can you believe it?
Act out as atheist but
Still underneath it I'm still the same me

I never become
Become someone else
Even some deny
I remain my self
Track Name: We Wander and Wonder
Verse 1
And if you pass me
Upon your road
Raise your glass to toast me
For we are roaming
In time and space
Far from home is this place
We wander and wonder

Verse 2
And if you reach me
Within my heart
You know that I am feeling
And if you hear me
When we’re apart
You know that I am dreaming
We wander and wonder
We wonder and wander (and wonder)

We wander far and wide but never feel we find home
And we are wondering why we never really belong

Verse 3
And if you cross me
Upon my path
Know that I forgive you
And if you love me
And then you don’t
Know that I release you
We wander and wonder
We wonder and wander (and wonder)


Repeat Chorus
Track Name: You Are A God To Me
Verse 1
You are a god to me
Expressed divinity
Manifest by your will
There to appreciate

Verse 2
I'm opportunity
Up to you what you see
No need to change your ways
I'm not here to play that game

Just you are a god to me
You are a god to me
You are a god to me
You are a god to me

Middle 8
You are a god x 8

You are a god to me [to fade]