Sunshine Or Rain

by Songs Of Dave

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released April 23, 2017



all rights reserved


Songs Of Dave England, UK

David Kingston is a singer/songwriter, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, former Hare Krishna devotee (Divyasimha SRS, 1980 - 94), vegetarian of 35+ years ...

David's songs are generally confessional or observational in nature, sometimes comedic or ironic, mostly of philosophical or theosophical subject-matter ... often in the form of imagined dialogue with God.
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Track Name: Been Asleep So Long
[Verse 1]
I've been asleep so long - scared to wake up
Feared when this dream is done I will fade out
No more exist
I cease to be
I won't survive this

[Verse 2]
I've been asleep so long I've forgotten
Who I was way back when we were golden
I don't recall
No longer know
Where am I hiding?

[Verse 3]
I've been asleep so long 'times life feels real
(but) I know there's something wrong - swallow red pill
Open my mind
Know what I'll find
Mine was a great dream

Sleeping so long [x 4]

Open my mind
Know what I'll find
Mine was a great life

We are golden [to fade]
Track Name: Every Body
Verse 1
Everywhere I go
People they seem the same
Body and a soul
Good combination

Verse 2
Everyone I meet
They want to play some game
Manifest a dream
Every body

Every body
Worn/born with conviction
Dressed up we all are
No contradiction

Verse 3
Beyond skin colour
Species of life this birth
All the same inside
Every body

Repeat Chorus x 2

Verse 4
Even grass and trees
Wherever we find life
Even you and me
We're all together


Repeat Chorus x 3
Track Name: Every Life Is A Work Of Art
Verse 1
All in the detail which grows from your mind
Manifestation is food for my eyes
Better believe it - there is no victim
Every creation try see divinity

Verse 2
All in emotion that flows from my soul
Always conviction that scores me my goal
Making up meaning so long as it serves
Waking or sleeping I always deserve my life

Every life is a work of art
Manifestive perfection
Myriad facets
Divinity expressed

Verse 3
Everybody - no matter the song
Divine prerogative - no right or wrong
All our variety comes from the one
Rise above judgement just because different tunes

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Forget To Remember
Verse 1
Receiving stranger as if God
Believing God has stopped by
Tradition dictates this a must
Might it be they're on to something?

Verse 2
Accepting service as if God
Rejecting 'I'm unworthy'
Consider possibilty
Might it be I'm really divine?

Sometimes you stuggle with this too
Lose sight of who you are
Maybe that's what we come here for?
Forget to remember

Verse 3
Recognizing the face of God
Disguised as humble servant
Divinity spread all around
Might it be I'm part of something?

Repeat Chorus v1


Chorus v2
Sometimes you stuggle with this too
Lose sight of who you are
Maybe that's what we come here for
To forget who we were
So we can remember later
Track Name: Gulliver
[verse 1]
Looking down to the ground
I feel like I'm Gulliver
The grass is really trees
Careful where I step

[verse 2]
Raise my eyes to the sky
I wonder who's looking down
Hope they know I'm alive
Careful where you step

Tell me who you are
So much us and them
In all you see
Oh Gulliver
Still it's not too late
Tell them mend their ways
Rewrite their fate

[verse 3]
Walking dog down the street
Passing strangers catching eye
Though they may never meet
Careful where I step ;)

[repeat Chorus]


[verse 4]
So as we walk side by side
Let us agree to never
Tread on each other's toes
Careful where we step

[repeat Chorus to fade]
Track Name: Here For Adventure
Chorus A
When you wake up
When you rise in the morning
Realise we are
Only here for adventure

Chorus B
When you wake up
Wipe the sleep from your eyes -
Celebrate we are
Always here for adventure

Verse 1
So if I meet you
I might not know your name
But please believe me
We're in each other's game

Repeat Chorus A

Verse 2
And if you face me
As an adversary
May I remember
The who you really are

Verse 3
Or if the sparks fly
And we connect as one
In sweet illusion
May we go on and on

Repeat Chorus B


Verse 4
So when I pass you
Up on the dusty road
May I salute you -
The stranger I now know?

Celebrate we are
Only here for adventure
Realise we are
Celebrate we are
Always here for adventure
Realise we are
Track Name: Making Believe
Verse 1
And if you find me
Beside the road confused
You please remind me
Of who I used to be
Before we came here long ago
Don't you forget me, my soul

Verse 2
And if you join me
That we may walk a while
Together journey
Experience your smile
As I try make my sense of life
Don't you forsake me, my love

We are always
Embracing role plays
Making believe

Verse 3
Or if you use me
Along this dusty road
Sometimes abuse me
There's something you should know-oh-oh
It's okay, I forgive
And I release you, my friend

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Not For Sale
Verse 1
I don't want to be a faker
Pretentious imitator
I want to play the real me

Verse 2
Even if I'm not a singer
You say I could be slimmer
Don't mean I'm not a winner

I don't want to be somebody
Prefer to maintain my me
Nobody does me better
Keep it real
Not for sale

Verse 3
Even if I'm not popular
I won't play people pleaser
Some things to me are worth more

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
I don't want to be somebody
Already who I should be
No need to change perfection

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Players On A Stage
Verse 1
I see you
How are you?
I've been thinking of you

Verse 2
Been so long
Where were you?
I can still hear your song

So what we were
Players on a stage
Always feeling was real

Verse 3
Our adventures
See you still shine same smile

Repeat Chorus

Middle 8
Players on a stage
All illusion
Still the feeling's real (pain - joy - love)

Verse 4
Time passes
Some pass on
Still such a life we had

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Real Thing
Verse 1
I sense something wrong
Numbers just don't add up

Verse 2
Believed I knew why -
Belief re-branded truth

If I want, if I want, if I want the real thing
Why won't, why won't, why won't I wake up?

Verse 3
Explain the reason
Admit it if I can

Verse 4
Maya is my friend
Her lies always serve me

Repeat Chorus


Verse 5
I dream - I take birth
My scheme is working
Track Name: Sense Your Hand
Verse 1
Opened eyes
But I don't see
I think I'm wise
But still believe my fate
Is prescribed

Verse 2
Open heart
That I might feel
May not be real
But believable it is
That's enough

And here I am
With all my plans
Don't understand
But I sense your hand

Verse 3
Open mind
So I can see
Where you are stopped
And begins me apart
But still one

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Sunshine or Rain
Verse 1
Some people worship
Others are neutral
And some they oscillate between the point of views seen
Others defy you
Sometimes deny you
Exist but you don't buy what they believe to be true

You play your game
Always the winner
Sunshine or rain
No righteous or sinners

Verse 2
Some people don't care
You are or not there
They just get on with living life here in the moment
Religions judge them
Their voices condemn
Still I believe the path I take is just a choice choosed

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
I may forget you
Sometimes neglect you
Still you remain always my one without a second

Repeat Chorus to fade
Track Name: Oddball
[Verse 1]
He's a visitor
He's a stranger
Hails from out of town
Not around here
Only passing through
Gone tomorrow

[Verse 2]
He's an old school cat
Tune a humming
Plays a mean guitar
Pick 'n' strumming ... he say
Now is where it's at
Future nothing

He's a lot like you
He's an oddball

Travels the universe
Searching out feeling
Remembers every birth born
Still he believes in you

[Verse 3]
Healthy egotist
'I' affliction
Peace with who he is
Self conviction ... he say
Always I exist
I'm a given

[Repeat Bridge]

[Repeat Chorus]

He's an oddball (to fade)