Night and Day

by Songs Of Dave

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Beta Collections are the place where all new songs are initially assigned. Some of those songs, normally those retrospectively considered more immediately accessible / less esoteric, are later re-designated to showcase albums.


released February 19, 2012


all rights reserved



Songs Of Dave London, UK

David Kingston is a singer/songwriter, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, former Hare Krishna organisation member (Divyasimha dasa SRS, 1980 – 94),and vegetarian of 35+ years.

David's songs are generally confessional or observational in nature, sometimes comedic or ironic, mostly of philosophical or theosophical subject-matter ... often in the form of imagined dialogue with God.
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Track Name: Will I See It Different?
Verse 1
In my pre-dawn peace
Surfaced from the last night's dream
As I lay awake
Realise I prefer real life

Verse 2
Even if my dream
Had been one of wonder full
Every time I choose
Real life over fantasy life

But what if this life I love
Was also a dream life
And one day I open eyes
Will I see it different?

Verse 3
Now the day begins
Juggling the hats I wear
Times I search within
Try to find the who am I there

Repeat Chorus


Verse 4
In my evening
Dozing with the TV on
Leave me, let me sleep
I'm so tired I want to forget

Chorus v2
But what if this dream I love :)
Was also a real life
And one day I open eyes
Will I see it different?
Track Name: How Strange It Is
Chorus A
How strange it is
In falling in love
I'm fooling myself if I start to believe I'm growing

Chorus B
How strange it is
My being in love
Has little to do with becoming a loving person

Verse 1
How strange it is:
Readily ignore needs of those around
I'm so self absorbed to exclusion of all
Even turn my back on the one who loves me
Deny this truth though it's obvious

Repeat Chorus A

Verse 2
How strange it is:
Self serving in my calculating things
Self centered this is how my universe is
Unashamedly all about me I am
Beside myself in the name of love

Repeat Chorus B
Track Name: Again Begin
Verse 1
It was many years ago I know you came here
Looking back my memory today remains clear

Verse 2
You were hungry for a clue, an explanation
Why we walk upon the earth, you needed reason

Bridge A
Was looking for a light
To shine upon your path
To know the wrong and right
Illuminate the dark

Verse 3
Now you're looking back at life, nobody to blame
Owning all the choices made empowers today

Bridge B
Was after absolutes
You wanted black and white
But at the cost of truth
YOu would not pay that price

They never guessed
Truth / lies within
Mistake redress
Again begin

Verse 4
That was many years ago you walked away - yeah
Looking back you wonder why so long you stayed there

Bridge C
Was try'n to make my way
To find some peace of mind
Will not accommodate
So here's a piece of my mind

Chorus V2
Might I suggest
Truth / lies within
Mistake redress
Again begin
Track Name: Backdrop
Verse 1
Always an answer
No scope to think things through
No room to breath
Or choice to choose

Verse 2
Truth is all wrapped up
Black and white absolute
So they believe
Matter of fact

Still if it serves them
And that only they can decide
For life's an adventure
Backdrop we create with our mind

Verse 3
So much restriction
Areas unexplored
Power of mind
Simply ignores

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
Only for freedom
Give me religion, not
So many dos 'n' don'ts
Who am I forgot


All in the backdrop
Served by the backdrop
Faith is a backdrop
Belief a backdrop
Truth may be backdrop
Lies can be backdrop
Served by the backdrop
All in the backdrop
Track Name: Don't Shoot Me My Brother
Verse 1
If I ask who you are - the question
Will you give it to me straight - the answer?
Do you know just how great you are?
Don't shoot me my brother

Verse 2
If you look in my heart do you see
Reflections of yourself within me?
I may wear skin colour different
But still you are my brother

Don't shoot me
I don't agree to play your victim
I've changed my mind
I'm sorry for the inconvenience

Verse 3
If you look at my soul will you know
Inside I am divine, just like you?
I may fake diff'rent faith, but believe
You are still my brother

Repeat Chorus


Verse 4
If you look in my eyes I look back
Why you seem so surprised I'm in here?
I might have two more legs, but it's clear
You are still my brother

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Everyone Of Us
Everyone I meet
Everyone I know
Everyone I see
Everyone of us

Everyone I meet (is here for a reason)
Everyone I know (something they believe in)
Everyone I see (as manifesting the dream)
Everyone of us

Everyone I meet (signed up for adventure)
Everyone I know (forget to remember)
Everyone I see (do nevertheless succeed)
Everyone of us

Everyone I meet (exploring the feeling)
Everyone I know (assigning a meaning)
Everyone I see (expanding experience)
Everyone of us

Everyone I meet (is speaking my language)
Everyone I know (expressing emotion)
Everyone I see (expressing divinity)
Everyone of us
Track Name: More Beautiful
I never thought that I would understand
That I could walk upon this promised land
I never dreamed that I would find my way
That I would see my fog evaporate

Verse 1
But then I saw you standing there
Arising like the morning sun
Everything is illuminated now
Everything seems more beautiful somehow

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
But then I found you in my heart
Arising like a soothing moon
Everybody is bathing in your light
Everyone seems more beautiful tonight

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Night and Day
Every night you forget
Who are you in real life
Come the morn' - open eyes
That don't see

In the day you wake up
To a life of day dreams
Then again you lay down
To sleep more

In between you wonder
Sometimes find the truth lies
In your mind it's okay
Night and day
Track Name: Who Are You?
Who are you?
Not what are you,
Just who are you?
No really, who are you?

Verse 1
You tell me:
I'm a human being, it's obvious
One sophisticated animal
We're the most evolved upon this earth
Still I ask ...

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
You tell me:
I'm the title of the job I hold
I'm my role within my family
Turning cog within society
Still I ask ...

Repeat Chorus

... Go deeper


Verse 3
I'm a spirit soul, a part of god
I'm a servant of the servant of
We're eternally separated
Still I ask ...

Repeat Chorus
Who are you?
Not what are you,
Just who are you?
Go deeper
Track Name: Will Will Be Done
Still keep the faith celebrate my soul
Will will be done come what may I know

Verse 1
I may not understand
I may not understand your plan

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
I may not buy your lies
I may not like this illusion

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
I may now change my mind
No longer want to play this game

Repeat Chorus to Fade
Track Name: Everyone Is One Of Us
Verse 1
All the hats that you wear
All the acts you perform
All forgetting who you are
All the dreams you create
All the choices you make
As you bury awareness

But/Still in the morning
When the sunrise comes
Then you remember

Verse 2
Every mask of disguise
Every truth that you hide
You deny where you come from
Through your eyes and your ears
In the light and the sound
Everywhere is a playground

Repeat Bridge

While everyone has come for their own reasons
Yet everyone is one of us - is joined together


Verse 3
Every body you take
Always facilitates
Your experience increase
All the webs that you spin
Every end and begin
Celebrate this illusion

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Beautiful Dream
[Verse 1]
Have you ever had
Such a dream
So beautiful
When you awake
You try to
Return to sleep

[Verse 2]
How it seemed so real
Your heart was filled
With feelng
And still you feel
Take here and now for example

Can't wake up
Won't wake up
Don't want to wake up
Keep sleeping
Beautiful dream life

[Verse 3]
But now you're awake
You see things
In different light
Now last night's dream
Is fading
But still you sleep
Take here and now for example

[Repeat Chorus]

Will I have to wait 'til I die?

[Repeat Chorus to fade]
Track Name: My Part Of Me
Verse 1
So if you want me
Know where to look
Find my number
It's in the book

Verse 2
So you can reach me
Call any time
Reverse the charges
I will never mind

Chorus v1
Still sitting here
High in our tree
I watch you always
My part of me

Verse 3
For I am as you
Just more aware
Most things you see as real
View I don't share

Verse 4
But still they serve us
Both you and I
Always facilitate
Never deny

Chorus v2
Still sitting here
High in our tree
I love you always
My part of me


Chorus v3
Still sitting here
High in our tree
Enjoy you always
My part of me

Verse 5
I pass no judgement
Prescribe no goal
For ev'ry hat you wear
Completes the whole

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