Know Your Day Is Coming

by Songs Of Dave

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Beta Collections are the place where all new songs are initially assigned. Some of those songs, normally those retrospectively considered more immediately accessible / less esoteric, are later re-designated to showcase albums.


released February 12, 2011


all rights reserved



Songs Of Dave London, UK

David Kingston is a singer/songwriter, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, former Hare Krishna organisation member (Divyasimha dasa SRS, 1980 – 94),and vegetarian of 35+ years.

David's songs are generally confessional or observational in nature, sometimes comedic or ironic, mostly of philosophical or theosophical subject-matter ... often in the form of imagined dialogue with God.
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Track Name: Know Your Day Is Coming
Verse 1
The trouble with playing this victim game
Is you believe you have no power
So you deny your self wisdom to change how you choose
When you decide you have had enough. Is that you?

Verse 2
The problem with a mind that can't move on
Is all you get is more of the same
But in the end there is no one to blame / shame
It's up to you how much you prolong. It's your call

Sense the sun a rising
Feel the fog a clearing
Hear the birds a singing
Know your day is coming soon

Verse 3
And in the morning you will feel alright
When you arise you'll see things diff'rent
You simply have to open up your eyes / realise
For believe you me all things change when you wake

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Checking My Hands
Verse 1
When ev'rything is said and done
This is a great adventure
Though we may be part of the one
We so embrace illusion

Verse 2
When ev'rybody takes their place
We stage a great production
Then we suspend our disbelief
Because it serves the mission

Everyday I'm checking my hands - do they look okay?
Every night I'm living my dreams - am I asleep now?
Does it matter?

Verse 3
When ev'ryone is lost and found
It's been a great adventure
Because we know it deep inside
No body really dies

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Dark And Light
Verse 1
People peaceful
People fearful
Seems that everywhere
We see the same

Verse 2
People loving
People using
Every walk of life
We find both sides

Try to see
It's all in you
The dark and light

Verse 3
People truthful
People lying
And there's always some
Who swing both ways

Verse 4
People living
People dying
All the while we try
To hide our fears

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus

Verse 5
People abusing
People as victims
Try to understand
Track Name: Fade
Verse 1
And as I fade
Will you forgive
Still celebrate the dreams we lived

Verse 2
When I forget
Will you stay near
So to remind me who we were?

But this dream is over
It's time to wake up (now)
Wipe the sleep from our eyes

Verse 3
When I'm confused
Losing my mind
Can you still see me through my eyes?

Verse 4
When I am lost
As if a child
Do you still find me in my smile?

Repeat Chorus

Verse 5
We never got
To say goodbye
Before my memory left me

Verse 6
But don't be sad
We had our time
Made an adventure perfection

Chorus x2
Track Name: In My Name
I'm watching
I'm waiting
I'm hoping
I'm praying

Verse 1
Here we go again
In the guise of intervention
Resolutions - as we pursue self interest

Repeat Refrain

Verse 2
And they don't think twice
As they manipulate us
Demonitise all who stand in their way

Repeat Refrain

Verse 3
And I'm not saying
We should just stand by - do nothing
But I don't trust power mad do gooders

But in my name they fight
But in my name they kill

Repeat Refrain

Verse 4
Here we go again
They walk away from reason
Then act surprised when they find they stand alone

Repeat Chorus

Track Name: She's A Mystery
Verse 1
I don't know what's going on inside her head
I don't comprehend the things she says
We never agree about reality (illusion)
She remains a mystery to me

Still I want to hold her hand
And she seems to understand
Never to reveal her plan
After all I'm just a man

Verse 2
I don't know what's going on in side her mind
Though I search no answers do I find
We never agree about the truth and lies (points of view)
She remains a mystery to me

Repeat Bridge

She's a mystery to me
She's a mystery yeah
She's a mystery to me
She's a mystery to me

Verse 3
I don't know what's going on inside her heart
I can't enter into how she feels
We never agree about the wrong and right (dark and light)
She remains a mystery to me

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: The Answer Is Yes
Verse 1
Make your list
Don't be shy
You can have it all
For after all
Who are you
To deny yourself?

Verse 2
What you want
You decide
Your choice to choose
Just don't pretend
It's out of reach
Unless that serves you

Anything that you desire
Believe that you can have it
The answer is yes

Verse 3
Pen a script
Pick your part
Recruit cast
For anything
You can conceive
Soon it will come to pass

Repeat Chorus


Track Name: Welcome To My Adventure
Verse 1
Welcome to my adventure
Glad that you could come
Ev'ryone has assembled
Ev'rything is perfect now
Just as you desire
Ev'ryone is here by choice

Verse 2
Welcome to this adventure
Know it's also yours
Ev'ryone one together
Ev'rything is in place now
Now the stage it set
I just want to say thank you

We're all gonna have a ball
We're all gonna have such fun

Verse 3
Welcome to our adventure
Fulfill all desire
Ev'ryone gets what they want
Ev'ryone is after some
That's the why they come
Passing time to realize

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: You're Alright
I wanna text you
On my mobile
I wanna post you
On your profile
I wanna know you, I wanna love you
You're alright

I wanna find you
In my news feed
I wanna IM you
Feel you with me
I wanna know you, I wanna love you
You're alright

I wanna beg you
No more email
I wanna hear you
Ring my door bell
I wanna know you, I wanna love you
You're alright

I wanna see you
In the morning
I wanna be there
When you wake up
I wanna know you, I wanna love you
You're alright
Track Name: Where Are You?
Verse 1
Excited children laughing
They wake you from your journey sleep
A wooded entrance long un used calls you beyond

Verse 2
The sound of music dancing
The light of lanterns burning bright
The carriages of guests arriving lead you on

Verse 3
A gentle piano draws you
Her back is cloked venetian-red
She plays an air you feel you know from somewhere else

Oh my love I know that you are out there
Oh my love I don't know how to get there
Oh my love I fear I must be dreaming
But no my love I wear the silken waistcoat

Oh my love
Where are you?

Verse 4
Infant pulling at my sleeve
Turning pages on my knee
It's like a future memory as you play in the next room

Verse 5
Morning boat trip on the lake
Your blue eyes rest upon my face
Exchanging names you say you wait for my return

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus

Instrumental to fade
Track Name: One Family
Verse 1
Frantic city slicker
Laid back country dweller
Live life worlds a part but
Dispise each other

Verse 2
Brave freedom fighter
Evil terroriser
Hold their points of view both
Dismiss the other

Hey brother, brother sun
Hey sister, sister moon
We are one family

Verse 3
Beyond colour of skin
Far from country of birth
Trans religious dogma
Cross species of life

Repeat Chorus

Track Name: See Beautiful
See beautiful
Beyond the modes
Only beauty

Verse 1
And if you choose
Within the dark
To manifest yourself
To self express
Let me applaud
Your perfection
That I may walk the talk
Comes out my mouth

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
And if you choose
Within the light
To manifest yourself
To self express
Let me perceive
Your perfection
So I believe the things
I know inside

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Only The Clouds
Only the clouds
Cover your eyes
Above in the sky
Your sun does always shine

Verse 1
And when the clouds are grey
And when your day seems dark
Sometimes it makes you feel S.A.D

Verse 2
And when the mist rolls in
And when the rain falls long
Sometimes you feel so alone

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
And when the sky looks black
It seems there's no way back
Sometimes it feels so hopeless

Repeat Chorus


Verse 4
And when the body dies
And with the last goodbyes
Sometimes it feels so final

Repeat Chorus to Fade
Track Name: In Everyone
Verse 1
Perfectly in ignorance
Unaware of who we are
Doesn't compromise the self that we express
Forcibly in evidence
Remnants of divinity
Sometimes hard to see - but there nevertheless

In everyone
One tries to see
Where they come from

Verse 2
Perfectly executive
Everything we're meant to be
Doesn't matter what we choose to believe true
Constantly manifestive
Facets of divinity
Who's to say the right and wrong / how that must be?

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus
Track Name: There For The Taking
Chorus A
Choose as if it's there for the taking
Believe you deserve it
Cast aside all doubts
Know you are worthy

Chorus B
Choose as if it's there for the taking
Believe you can make it now
Overcome your fears
Then you will succeed

Verse 1
Everyone is calling your bluff
To see if you fold
Everything is getting you down
To see if you're up

Repeat Chorus A

Verse 2
Everything is testing your faith
To see if it's fake
Everyone is smile on their face
To see if you break

Repeat Chorus B

Middle 8
It's all a mystery
It's all a mystery yeah


Repeat Chorus A

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