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by Songs Of Dave

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Tracks that for various reasons did not make it to official release albums


released February 11, 2010


all rights reserved



Songs Of Dave London, UK

David Kingston is a singer/songwriter, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, former Hare Krishna organisation member (Divyasimha dasa SRS, 1980 – 94),and vegetarian of 35+ years.

David's songs are generally confessional or observational in nature, sometimes comedic or ironic, mostly of philosophical or theosophical subject-matter ... often in the form of imagined dialogue with God.
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Track Name: Be Still My Friend
Verse 1
I feel your pain
In separation
I'm in your heart
Beat I witness all

Verse 2
Don't you mistake
Said equipoise-ition
As indifference
I always smile on you

Be still my friend
My will on your side
Is not the end
We just beginning

Verse 3
I love your dream
Soul aspiration
Approve your schemes planned
Facilitate you

Repeat Chorus


Verse 4
No right or wrong
Life goal prescription
No judgement pass
For I know who you are yet

Repeat Chorus x 4
Track Name: Source Trace To Me
Rest peaceful
Whatever expressed
Source trace to me

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 1]

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]
Soul role play


[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 4]
Faith is knowing
Eye seeing

[Outro + spoken word]
Whatever ... wherever ... whenever ... whoever ... however ... even the dark stuff
Track Name: The One
[spoken word]
I don't mean to come across preachy - after all this but my own way of making sense ...

You are the one
I am the one
They are the one
We all the one
You are the one
I am the one
They are the one
We all the one
Many become

[Verse 1]
You are the one, the one for me
I am the one, the one for you

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
We are the one, rays of the sun
Shine beautify
We are the one, ever explore
Open the door

[Instrumental + spoken word]
One yet different, separate yet connected, related yet independent, dependent yet autonomous, and at the same time the original one remains un-fragmented - the complete balance.

[Repeat Chorus to fade]
Track Name: Girl Of My Dreams
Just five more minutes, decade, lifetime, yuga, kalpa, vishnu nidra, mystic slumber

[Verse 1]
The morning come
So last night's dream
Different see
Mind reassess
With opened eyes, nevertheless

[Verse 2]
Will always be
The one for me
Girl in my dreams
Soul fantasy
Divine expression
In mystic sleep

Never forget how we feel
For me this is my real

Who are you, girl of my dreams?
Don't want to wake up
Turn off alarm clock
Just five more minutes, decade, lifetime, yuga, kalpa

[Verse 3]
No obligation
Freedom to choose
Is soul to soul
Complete the whole
One and different

Will not forget how we feel
For me remain my real

[Repeat Chorus]
... vishnu nidra, mystic slumber


Cannot forget how we feel
For me always my real

[Repeat Chorus]
... yuga, kalpa, vishnu nidra, mystic slumber
Track Name: I Hope I Made You Smile
[Verse 1]
Is this my exit call?
Come in your time is up
This body had enough
Against my will oblige
My self-divine denied
As if these hands are tied

[Verse 2]
Some time my mind confused
May be this life a ruse
Agenda long forgot
Is part of sacred game
My happiness and pain
Only myself to blame

Did I soul realise?
Objective manifest?
Divinity express?
Expand experience
If only for a while
I hope I made you smile

[Verse 3]
Is this our curtain call
Us players on the stage
Applauders in the hall
Is this the fond farewell?
Is this our last goodbye?
Did all embrace a lie?

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Verse 1]
Is this one last hurrah
The parking up my car
Is this the exit pass?


[Repeat Chorus]
Track Name: Keep Your Distance
[Verse 1]
So sorry brother fly
To save a life I try
One clumsy hand betray my soul
Lament my senses imperfect let me down
Witness exist no more
Whisper my sorry sad
Appear this world be made that way
Regret ahimsa endeavour fail today (again)

No matter I try, how much desire it
Will no harm do, killing avoid
Wont to stumble, better watch out
Bother/sister, please keep your distance

[Verse 2]
So sorry sister snail
Try celebrate your life
Yet careless feet betray my soul
Lament awareness limited let me down
Witness exist no more
Whisper my sorry sad
Appear this world be made that way
Regret ahimsa endeavour fail today (again)

[Repeat Chorus]


[Verse 3]
I sorry brother bug
I sorry sister slug
Appear this world be made that way
Regret ahimsa endeavour fail today (again)

[Repeat Chorus]
Track Name: Life After Life
They come and go
They ebb and flow
They rise and fall
They soul evolve
Divine explore
Service the whole
Life after life

[Verse 1]
They judgement pass
Decide their truth true
They make you smile
They make you cry / laugh

[Bridge A]
For, for or against
Just one true faith
Jesus the only way

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
They judgement pass
Decide their facts sure

[Bridge B]
Nothing to discuss
Is done and dusted
God is dead they preach

[Repeat Chorus]


[Verse 3]
Life after life
They judgement pass
Decide their known is known
Is absolute
On ev'ryone impose

You accept them all
You facilitate them all
You love them all
You celebrate them all
Giving as they do focused unique individual expression to aspects and facets of your divinity. Finite yes, but nevertheless always serving the completeness of the whole.
Track Name: Look For The Beauty
I see your body
Connection through eyes
Imagine a choice made
Believe situation
Arrive by design
Is perfect arrangement
Try look for the beauty

[Verse 1]
Beloved of God
May not understand
Still I will refuse
To judge your desire
Take birth as a horse
Take birth as a man
My mind to presume
The positive plan

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
Beloved of God
May not comprehend
But I will resist
My mental dismiss
Spy spark of splendour
Divine yet explored
Divinity see
Is worthy believe


[Verse 3]
Beloved of God
Cannot celebrate
Yet I will accept
Try appreciate
Between God and you
Blessing is secured
No blade of grass move
Unless is approved

[Repeat Chorus]
Track Name: Lucky Day
I don't know who you are
But believe you God beloved
You embark upon adventure sacred
Beat my mind appreciate this
Challenge soul celebrate it
I am pleased to see you
Privileged to meet you
Today lucky day

[Verse 1]
I'm looking out my window
Excusing sign ignorer
Parking in my driveway
Smoking in my doorway
Maybe she has reason?

[Verse 2]
I'm walking down my high street
Spar bag for life provisioned
Old lady passing by
Eye contact offer unseen
Good morning unspoken

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]
I'm sitting in my Peugeot
See motorway aggression
Dread undertaker danger
Courtesy forgotten
Driver disconnection

[Repeat Chorus]


[Verse 4]
I'm waiting for eight thirty
Commuter carriage prison
Eye contact forbidden
Silent conversation
Necessary evil

[Repeat Chorus]
Track Name: Maya My Friend
[Verse 1]
Blame / defame you
Been such an ingrate
Every fancy
Facilitate me
Sacred expression
Never deny me
Choice of direction

[Verse 2]
Divine role play
Truth believeable
Profile given
Always assemble
Realise mission
Manifest vision

Sorry Maya my friend
So long victim pretend
Somehow you act against me
But all the while you serve me
Finally see this

[Verse 3]
Condition soul
Baggage deliver
Character build
Persona render
Buy illusion
Ego confusion
Fantasy make real

[Repeat Chorus]



[Verse 4]
No one excluded
Desire driven
Never forbidden
Never say no
Never force let go
Tight we embrace you
Much may we blame you

[Repeat Chorus]

Thank you
Track Name: Seeing Is Believing
My seeing is believing is knowing
My knowing is believing is seeing
Disposition - the choice made forgotten
Self deception - my believing is knowing

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 1]
I ain't saying you are wrong
After all - between you and God
Just your illusion no better than mine

[Verse 2]
I ain't saying I am right
But believe between me and God
A sacred arrangement individual

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]
I ain't saying they are lost
I maintain between them and God
Just chosen object - relate to cannot


[Repeat Chorus to Fade]
Track Name: Call On My Divine
I will call on my divine
However much survives here
Where one many becomes
Invoke power now

Verse 1
However much of me is you
However much of me be not you
However much today forgot
However much we stand apart
However much remain a part of you
How much that you and I are one

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
However I have come to be
However much of you is in me
How much divinity possess
However much against my will
However powerless I feel obliged
How much that karma bound real seems


Chorus to fade
Track Name: Wanna
Verse 1
I wanna see you
I wanna believe
In you I wanna
I wanna know you
I wanna go with
You I wanna

Verse 2
I wanna find out
I wanna be free
From doubt I wanna
I wanna stand up
I wanna bow down
I wanna own up

I wanna hold your hand
I wanna be your man
I wanna understand

Verse 3
I wanna progress
Divine within see
Is always express
I wanna make peace
I wanna celebrate
Everyone meet

Repeat Chorus


Verse 4
I wanna see you
I wanna see through
Disguise illusion
I wanna break out
Be non-judgemental
In my subjective

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: How Would You Feel?
Verse 1
Witness a man
Tattoo'd of hand
Profane expletive in the street shouts (cough)
Heads turn around
In prejudice
Dismiss as low life ani-man-imal

Verse 2
Witness woman
Scanty of dress
Imagination nothing left to
Divert your eyes
Ground redirect
Condemn as slapper disapprove reject

But what if then
See through disguise
You recognise experiential
God prerogative
Think, then how would you feel?

Verse 3
Regard a dog
Birth punishment
Independence misuse of convinced
Believe the tree
Bad karma birth
To naked stand sin promiscuity


Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
And by the way
If ask I may
Who do you think really who you are?
Track Name: My God Is Your God Your God Is My God
My God is your God your God is my God
My God is your God
Your God is my God my God is your God
Your God is my God

Verse 1
My atheist friend
Does your mind find implausible
Existence of Godhead?
Belonger of sect
Does your faith find believable
Condemnation of sinner

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Follower of text
Does your gut feel you understand
Your head think you comprehend
Truth absolutist
Does your view point say just one way
Insist all others be wrong

Instrumental + spoken word
I celebrate you all
I celebrate you all, after all

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
My singer of songs
Do your words sung disclose your mind
Your music express divine?

Your God is my God My God is your God
My God is your God Your God is my God
Track Name: No Longer Serves You
Chorus v1
It no longer serves you to believe
You're alone on this planet
That no one will ever get you really
It no longer serves you

Verse 1
Maybe yesterday it did
You cannot imagine how
Today like a clean slate
Time to rewrite fate

Verse 2
Your destiny yours' to choose
Your change in direction fine
Without a prescription
Nothing is prescribed

Repeat Chorus v1

Verse 3
You wanna wear hat divine
In spite of conditioned mind
Assert your entitled
Dial your direct line

Chorus v2
It no longer serves you to pretend
You're alone on this planet
That no one could ever understand you
It no longer serves you


Verse 4
Imagine the stage is set
Imagine the answer yes
Imagine objective
Change in perspective

Repeat Chorus v1
Repeat Chorus v2
Track Name: The Two Kings
Verse 1
The King was deep in character
Lamenting for a love betrayed
Happened upon him in this state
Man from foreign land afar
Dear sir no need those tears to cry
For now prescribe this remedy
Simply detach from happiness
Sorrow disappears likewise

The King said "You don't understand,
And neither ask me who I am.
This is just a game we choose to play.
Still it serves us well today.
What say you?"

Verse 2
The man continues on his way
The King returns to character
Rejoicing now for battle won
Crying pain for ally lost
Lies wounded white upon the ground
Surrounded friend and foe unite
Alas poor Yorick, knew him well
'pon this scene the man returns

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
The man imposes King with words
Dear sir your foolishness astounds
Must now awaken from this dream
Break out from your fantasy
The king places arm 'round the man
My friend, is this for you to choose?
Decide for me abandon now
Surely when/if up to me?


Repeat Chorus

Outro + spoken word
And the King then said to the man, I know you're a King also - from another land. And no less absorbed in a role play game. Just like me. This I can respect and accept, after all you are part and parcel of God, and expressing your relationship with God in the way of your choosing also. I'm sure our paths will cross again.
Track Name: Divinity, Where Is Mine?
What I desire, must I deserve? Must I earn?
If all divine ... divinity - where is mine?

Verse 1
Is life a game
Played in the dark
No direction prescribed
Yet always karma hands tied?

Verse 2
Is life a game
Game rules unknown?
Accidentally break them
Then, oh boy, do you get punished

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
Is life a game
Where all just pawns
Moved by forces unseen?
Find such idea is obscene


Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Winter Day Grey
All colour drained
Out of my world
Day you went away
Palette faded
Everything stretched thin
Winter day grey

Verse 1
Ex valley drive
Quest for a ring
From beyond the grave
Love's knot retied

Verse 2
Slow Knighthayes climb
Footsteps retrace
Rest at favourite place
Absence embraced

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
The last goodbye
Witness is stunned
Expression divine
Love realised


Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
A dream exchange
Affection felt
Connection survives
Passage of time
Track Name: By Your Side
Verse 1
Sometimes you question why
So hard to lesson learn why
Repeat mistake again
Rotate around in circle turn?

Verse 2
Wonder where from begin
Idea original sin
Repeat mistake again
Rotate around in circle spin?

But you can talk to me can talk to you
Always I walk with you
Stay by your side

Verse 3
Sometime you wonder why
Never connect my dots join
Repeat mistake again
Rotate around in circle blame game?


Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
Sometime one wonders why
Never see through my disguise
Repeat mistake again
Rotate around in circle I?
Track Name: Prodigal Son I Am
Verse 1
Prodigal son I am
My brother cannot understand
He convinced you disapprove

Verse 2
Prodigal son I am
My brother cannot understand
He believe I'm out of bounds

Believe I part of you
And you see your self in me
I feel you on my side always

Verse 3
Prodigal son I am
My brother cannot understand
He convinced I lose my way

Repeat Chorus


Verse 4
Prodigal son I am
My brother cannot understand
He convinced I fallen soul

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Soul Relationship
Verse 1
May not know it
Still I believe it
Mission complete
In this lifetime
Found perfection
All your boxes ticked

Verse 2
What were after
Maybe hidden
Yet I maintain it
Always perfect
Ev'ry birth you take

Ev'ry body born
Ev'ry life you live
Ev'ry role you play
Soul relationship

Verse 3
Your objective
Or subjective
Your agenda
What you come for
May not understand

Instrumental + spoken word
Even you seem a victim, even you die untimely

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
Erstwhile pious
Sometime sinner
Celebrate you
Spark of splendour
Taste your glory
See you manifest
Track Name: All The World's A Stage
All the world's a stage
And we are players on it
Character square and rounded
Like never ending play
And we all actors in it
Chasing emotion making real

Verse 1
So what part will I play for you?
Dependent on your point of view
Shall I be your bad guy good, or shall I be your ally?
You decide

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Say what role will you play for me?
Be friend or foe adversary?
Or will you be my lover, Doll ... or will you be my other?
You decide


Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
So what will be relationship?
What rasa will facilitate?
Will it be a source of joy?
Or will it be a cause of fear? Decide
Track Name: If You Were Your Body
Verse 1
If you were your body
I guess it makes sense
To cover up old age by paint on face hair colour disguise
If you were your body
Reasonable yes
Arrange cryogenically freeze 'til they cure your disease

But what if this body is not you
Is more or less outer dress you wear
Then how does your action plan stand up?
And what would you gain by hanging on
Long after your time is here and gone
Long after the game is lost and won?

Verse 2
If you were your body
I guess it makes sense
To identify I by kith and kin pigment colour in skin
If you were your body
Reasonable yes
Determine your best self interest D.N.A. to preserve


Repeat Chorus

If you were your body
Your body is you
Track Name: In Everybody's Heart
[Verse 1]
I saw your face in strangest place
Yes, I am sure was really you

[Verse 2]
Mind confuse - there goes my truth
For so long convinced I knew

Force me rethink day and night
Cosy separate dark
No more simple wrong or right
You in everybody's heart

[Verse 3]
Saw your beauty, felt your grace
In distant land, by different name

[Repeat Chorus]


[Verse 4]
I spy your smile in darkest place
Always approve, no side against

[Repeat Chorus]
Track Name: Now Look What You Made Me Do
[Chorus v1]
I'm making a mess
The food on my dress
An egg on my face
Now look what you made me do
I'm losing the plot
Misplacing the keys
Forgetting my self
Now look what you made me do

[Verse 1]
Sometimes I see is not your fault
Believe my choice is up to me
I'm never victim bound by karma
Everything is plan of God

[Chorus v2]
The sun in my eyes
My foot in the shoe
Trod on a dog poo
Now look what you made me do
Believing a lie
Denying the true
Neck in a noose
Now look what you made me do

[Verse 2]
Sometimes I see is not my fault
And there's, surprise, no one to blame
And everything is meant to happen
Part of soul divine expression

[Chorus v3]
I'm shitting a brick
I'm pissing my pants
I'm running away
Now look what you made me do


[Verse 3]
Sometimes I stand beside my gate
Aware I don't know what to choose
Then come along some pretty face
Now look what you made me do
Track Name: Compromise My Sacred
C.G.I. my vision, quantize my timing, confuse precise / perfect
Sanitise my texture, forget my mission - divine soul expression
Redefine my make it - compromise my sacred

[Verse 1]
Perfection deny
Objective reset
Authentic contrive
Believe in the lie
- but I ain't gonna prostitute my self expression to no music industry opportunist - never!

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
Divinity hack
Dishonour my muse
Get off of my back
Is too much to lose
- I ain't gonna suffocate my creative flow to considerations of commercial viability - never!


[Verse 3]
To promise of fame
Material gain
To radio play
To playing the game
- but I ain't gonna dumb down this sacred adventure to a quest for mundane celebrity - never!

[Repeat Chorus]
Track Name: Uttama Follow
Verse 1
I became enchanted by you
That day you looked at me and spoke to
Felt like you believed I'm precious

Verse 2
Never felt that way before
Somehow saw in me sublime expression
Positive colaboration

Verse 3
When you spoke you asked me "Is this for you?"
I felt choice always mine to choose
No question one should / should not do

Let me declare before I speak
Ideas and words here not my own
Represent only what now convinced true
I repeat things I heard from someone else,
My heart and mind made up they know stuff,
I today convey best I can understanding

Verse 4
I decided change direction
Pursue another path perfection
Now defer to uttama vision

Verse 5
I don't say I know no answer
Myself can't prove even on right track
Just is what I choose to believe true


Repeat Chorus

Spoken world
Which may of course be limited and filtered through my own appreciation and conditioning ... so perhaps I therefore sometimes emphasise in direction not intended by the original speaker, or cite something as relevant where the original speaker would have not thought so. Main thing is I am just a follower ... Yes, I can tell you about my following, but I'm not a leader, so please don't follow me!

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