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by Songs Of Dave

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Beta Collections are the place where all new songs are initially assigned. Some of those songs, normally those retrospectively considered more immediately accessible / less esoteric, are later re-designated to showcase albums.


released February 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Songs Of Dave England, UK

David Kingston is a singer/songwriter, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, former Hare Krishna devotee (Divyasimha SRS, 1980 - 94), vegetarian of 35+ years ...

David's songs are generally confessional or observational in nature, sometimes comedic or ironic, mostly of philosophical or theosophical subject-matter ... often in the form of imagined dialogue with God.
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Track Name: Had Enough
I have had enough product placement ads try'n' to sell me stuff
I have had enough lifestyle marketing - never got the girl

Verse 1
I don't need no fashion fads
No tablets or eyepads ;)
I don't need no labelled brands promising success
Never delivered

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
I don't need that latest phone
To maintain connection
I don't need to replace things that are not broken -
Truth should be spoken

Repeat Chorus


Verse 3
Let's make revolution
Let's start a new movement
Where old is perceived as cool and used is pre-loved
I'll keep on dreaming

Repeat Chorus to fade
Track Name: A Part Apart
Chorus A
If everything's a part of you
If this is so I'm confused
Why set evil apart from you
If you are all? I want to know

Chorus B
If everyone's a part of you
If this is true please explain
How come I feel apart from you
If all are one? Enlighten me

Verse 1
Beyond illusion
Beyond religion
Beyond believing
Show me an answer now

Repeat Chorus A

Verse 2
Beyond confusion
Beyond all dogma
Beyond delusion
Show me an answer now

Repeat Chorus B

Verse 3
Beyond the preaching
Beyond imposing
Beyond the blinkers
Show me an answer now

Repeat Chorus A
Track Name: Before I Speak
[Verse 1]
Before I speak let me remind my self who you are
That I may recognize you
Within the guise that you now choose

[Verse 2]
Before I judge let me remind my self who you are
Appreciate the wonder
As you embrace this adventure

[Chorus v1]
Joined together by our hidden agendas
Endless facets of persona-lity :)

[Verse 3]
Before I blame let me remind my self who I am
That I refrain from thinking
I'm a victim of circumstance

[Chorus v2]
Drawn together in this mystic adventure
Everybody manifesting their dreams


[Verse 4]
Before you shoot let me remind you who I am
Can we respect each other?
After all, I am your brother

[Repeat Chorus to fade]
Track Name: Destiny
Chorus 1
Ev'ryone's looking for something - what they're not quite sure
Even sometimes don't know who we are
Still something inside drives us to pursue destiny
Some times run helplessly

Verse 1
Around in circles
Like headless chicken
Still we will make it
Yes I believe that

Chorus 2
Ev'ryone's looking for something - may not understand
Even often might forget the plan
Still something inside drives us to pursue destiny
Push on regardlessly

Verse 2
With ev'ry failure
The goal comes closer
Context creating
That we may succeed

Chorus 3
Ev'ryone's looking for something fulfill all desires
Even sometimes don't know where they're from
Still something inside drives us to pursue destiny
Like lyrics in a song

Verse 3
The hidden meaning
Riddles believed in
The search for answers
The quest for reason
Track Name: Even The Dark Stuff
Verse 1
Whatever I see
Or experience
Must be there in you
Even ignorance

Verse 2
Whatever I know
Or hold to be true
Must be there in you
Even the dogma
Even the dark stuff

Verse 3
Whoever I am
Or choose to become
Must be there in you
One and different
Even the dark stuff

Even I know this
Often I doubt it
You're always in us
In even the dark stuff

Verse 4
Whatever I feel
Believe to be real
Must be there in you
Even delusion
Even the dark stuff

Repeat Chorus

Verse 5
Wherever I go
The high and the low
Must be there in you
Even the preachers
Sometimes deny it
Try to disguise it
Track Name: Everyone Is One Of Us
Verse 1
All the hats that you wear
All the acts you perform
All forgetting who you are
All the dreams you create
All the choices you make
As you bury awareness

But/Still in the morning
When the sunrise comes
Then you remember

Verse 2
Every mask of disguise
Every truth that you hide
You deny where you come from
Through your eyes and your ears
In the light and the sound
Everywhere is a playground

Repeat Bridge

While everyone has come for their own reasons
Yet everyone is one of us - is joined together


Verse 3
Every body you take
Always facilitates
Your experience increase
All the webs that you spin
Every end and begin
Celebrate this illusion

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: I Accept
Verse 1
Roll obstacles
Away from my path
Cast aside all
Demons from my heart

Chorus A
I may have issues, still because
It serves my mission I accept

Verse 2
Hide from my eyes
Lies from my ears
Purge negative
Ideas from my mind

Chorus B
I may have baggage, still because
It serves my mission I accept

Verse 3
Find positive
When all looks black
Fan the smallest flame
Keep with the faith

Chorus C
I may have my doubts, still because
It serves my mission I accept

Repeat Verse 1 (1st half)
Track Name: Lining Their Pockets
Verse 1
All around us

Chorus A
They're all lining their pockets
And they don't care about truth
Justified is deception
Returning profits

Verse 2
Pulling wool
Are they legal
Laws they passing?

Chorus B
They're all lining their pockets
And they don't care who they use
Long as consumers consume -
Generate profits

Verse 3
Means mental governing
Power crazy
Democrazy ;)

Chorus C
They're all lining their pockets
And they don't care who they do
With their guns and their rockets -
Guarding their profits


Verse 4
Make your choice
Clear to me

Repeat Chorus (versions A, B and C in sequence) to fade
Track Name: Not In The Name Of Love
Chorus v1
I don't wanna be part of this
I don't wanna pretend
You can play, but I step aside now
I ain't gonna betray myself
Not in name of love
That you can carry on a-dumping your baggage

Verse 1
You're entitled to
Believe what you want to
Not for me to preach
But I see things different

Verse 2
You're entitled to
Maintain your point of view
Even call it truth
But I know things different, and I ...

Chorus v2
I don't wanna be part of this
I don't wanna cave in
You can push, but I hold my ground now
I ain't gonna betray myself
Not in name of love
That you can carry on a-dumping your baggage

Verse 3
You're entitled to
Hold your own opinion
Trust in what you do
But I want things different


Chorus v3
I don't wanna be part of this
I don't wanna buy in
You can pay, but I say goodbye now
Track Name: See You Down There
Verse 1
Hey, have you heard about the earth?
They say something big is going down
OK I know it's not our home
But we could go for just one birth

Verse 2
Hey, have you heard about the earth?
- They say that's really where it's at
OK we may suffer a bit
But think of all the fun we'll have

I'll see you down there
I'll see you down there
You look me up

Verse 3
Hey, have you heard about the earth?
Now the stage is set - the players poised
There's gonna be an adventure
So you and I we must take part

Repeat Chorus


Verse 4
Hey, have you heard about the earth?
- So many souls awakening
To take a first step on the path
And we could try support them all

Repeat Chorus to fade
Track Name: The Way I See It
The way I see it
You are a soul
In a human body
The soul is a version of god
In other words, you are divine
So it's up to you
How you live this life now
For you there is no wrong and right
The choice is yours for the making
You are a soul
Track Name: They Say
Verse 1
Some find conspiracy
In ev'rything they see
Ev'rywhere propaganda
To make us buy into lies
They say

Verse 2
Forces creating ways
To control how you think
Ev'ryone of us a slave
To some evil world order
They say

It's a fact
In their mind
We're all blind
We're all pawns
In life games
So they say

Verse 3
Some people first conclude
Then seek out facts to fit
Ignoring all evidence
Contradicting cherished truths
They Say

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
Some people live their life
Others life passes by
Maybe there's no wrong and right
Just divine prerogative
I Say


Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Wake Up - Move On
Verse 1
I spend my time
Emotion buy
I pay the price
And that's alright

Verse 2
I live this dream
Believe it's real
At least I feel
And that's the point

When the morning comes I'll wake up
When the body fades I'll move on

Verse 3
I pick my parts
Embrace my roles
I beat my heart
Pursue my goals

Verse 4
It's make believe
Still it's my choice
No ones forcing me
Let us rejoice

Repeat Chorus


Verse 5
When time is spent
When tank is empty
Well is dry
I open eyes

Repeat Chorus to fade
Track Name: We
Verse 1
All along the path - stories of blame
Everyone of us has played that game

Hides beyond our eyes - beyond our minds
Lies beyond the truth beyond the lies

Verse 2
All along the road I see the clues
Everywhere I go I read the signs

Repeat Bridge

Still believe in humanity
Don't like always the things I see
Lacks a certain humility
Human dysfunctional family - We

Verse 3
All across the sky I journey far
From the nearest moon to farthest star

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus to Fade
Track Name: When We Come Home
Verse 1
All my troubles are left behind
All my baggage beside the road
Liberation is in my mind
Freedom beckons where I go

Verse 2
All my worries evaporate
Like a fog in the morning sun
Counting days - we can hardly wait
Kiss goodbye - but I'll see you soon

Don't forget what we said back then
Stand apart but not alone
Ev'ry one will be welcoming and clapping hands
When we come home

Verse 3
Now my fears - they've all gone away
Like the mist on a summers day
Makes me smile as I see your face
Thanks for all the love you gave

Repeat Chorus

Celebrations when we come home
Liberation when we come home
Repatriation when we come home
Recreation when we come home
Re-creation who will you be?
New destination where will you go?