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by Songs Of Dave

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Beta Collections are the place where all new songs are initially assigned. Some of those songs, normally those retrospectively considered more immediately accessible / less esoteric, are later re-designated to showcase albums.


released February 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Songs Of Dave England, UK

David Kingston is a singer/songwriter, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, former Hare Krishna devotee (Divyasimha SRS, 1980 - 94), vegetarian of 35+ years ...

David's songs are generally confessional or observational in nature, sometimes comedic or ironic, mostly of philosophical or theosophical subject-matter ... often in the form of imagined dialogue with God.
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Track Name: All An Illusion (revisited)
It's all an illusion
Born of delusion
But the feelings I'm feeling are real
I maybe dreaming
Makin' believin'
But the life that is streaming serves me

And everytime I taste love
And everytime I feel pain
And everytime I grieve loss
And everytime I grasp gain ... I know

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Contradiction

Verse 1
Sometimes you feel like fighting
And sometimes you let it go
Sometimes you feel forgiveness
And sometimes you show compassion

Verse 2
Sometimes you keep your mouth shut
And sometimes you have a go
Sometimes you give acceptance
And sometimes take exception

Do you dare to ask the question?
Do you need to hear an answer?
Prepared to know the reason?
Can you live with contradiction?

Verse 3
Sometimes the sky is cloudy
And sometimes the sky is blue
Sometimes your life is easy
And sometimes it seems so crazy

Repeat Chorus

Outro to fade
Track Name: Divine
Verse 1
But if you walk away
If that's the choice you make
Then you may have to face this truth

You know you could be more
You know you were before
And you don't like what you've become

Don't like what you've become

Verse 2
But it seems a long way back
Your bridges smolder black
Still you can return by your will

You know it's up to you
To walk the path you choose
To regain your self respect

Reclaim your self respect

Oh, open your mind
You, you are divine

Verse 3
But if you turn away
Then there's a price to pay
When you find you lose your sight

But you can always change
Turn-a-round rearrange
Until you walk towards the light

You walk towards the light

Repeat Chorus to fade
Track Name: Don't You Preach To Me
Verse 1
Don't you preach to me - I must take your faith
It's the only way for my soul to save
I respect you the right to choose your beliefs - your prerogative
But insist you return the same to me

Verse 2
Don't you preach to me - I must walk your path
Don't presume you know what is in my heart
I ain't saying that you are wrong just that I - I do not agree
Why not take a hint? Hear what people think?

I feel that preaching at me so I believe
Is more about your doubts
And pushing your point so I concede
Is more about your needs

Verse 3
Don't you preach to me - I must share your view
You may codepend, but I won't pretend
I respectfully stand by what I believe to be right for me
I've my point of view - I'm entitled to

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
Don't you preach to me - I must live your life
Why do you insist like some screw is missed?
Some might say if conviction was half as real as you say it is
Then you may calm down, walk upon the ground

Repeat Chorus to fade
Track Name: Dying To Live
Verse 1
The time will come
When all these plans are done
This life is lived
River's course is run

Verse 2
The sun is set
Twilight closes in
You may forget
What you know within

Ev'ry one is somebody
Searching for a reason to be
Ev'ry one is winging things
Can you see the fantasy? This life ...

Soul surviving beyond
Do you deny it?
Only dying to live

Verse 3
It's like a book
Written in chaptered verse
Dramas of life
From the last to first

Verse 4
The clock doeth chime
The hour to turn the page
Where chapter ends
But the song remains

Repear Bridge & Chorus

Verse 5
The night grows dark
But your mind stays clear
New chapter start as you
Face your fear


Repear Chorus x3
Track Name: Every Which Way the Wind Blows
Verse 1
Johnny is alone
He has never known true love
Always on the road
He has never found his home
Johnny plays guitar
He can make it weep and sing
Every which way the wind blows

Verse 2
Johnny is star
He has never worn a brand
He will always say
You and I we understand
He is always up
Even when his world is down
Every which way the wind blows

Johnny is the only dream I have ever lived
Johnny is the only me I have ever known

Verse 3
Johnny is saint
He will never tar and paint
Always has smile
Twinkle in his eyes for you
Johnny is a child
Living the guise of a man
Every which way the wind blows

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
Johnny is a god
He has always known this fact
What he's doing here
He has never been exact
But Johnny is my soul
He believes it's up to me
Every which way the wind blows
Track Name: God In Illusion
We are god-in-illusion
We are god-in-confusion
We are god-in-delusion
We are
Track Name: I'm With You
Verse 1
I've been wondering where's this gonna end
I've been pondering what does it all mean
Where I will go when I am gone?

Verse 2
I've been questioning what religions say
I've been challenging that there's just one way
Within my soul I know they're wrong

Sometimes I see you in my dreams
So I believe you're with me
Sometimes I feel you in my heart
So I'm assured I'm with you

Verse 3
I been forgetting who I really am
I been bewildered time and time again
But now I say that that's okay

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
I've been wandering round the universe
I've been making plans where to take my birth
Expressing my divinity

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Is Open
Verse 1
We make our choice
It's up to us to decide
The path we walk
Has not been prescribed
But some insist
Life's goal is set from above
And so they preach
Good and bad they judge

I waste my human form of life they presume
But I think the reason we are here is open

Verse 2
It's our's to choose
Experience to create
And when we're done
Simply wipe the slate
But some believe
Life's rules are chiseled in stone
So they impose
As if truth they own

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
If we're of god
Maybe it's time we confess
It's up to us
What we manifest
But some demand
We all conform to their ways
And in god's name
Proclaim lost or saved

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus to fade
Track Name: Prejudice
Verse 1
Media - they say they don't belong
Unwelcome - go back where you are from
Find myself - as I pass you on the street
Smile on face - resentment in my feet

Verse 2
Religions - they preach they possess truth
Other faiths - just misguide you and confuse
Only theirs - does God bless upon the meek
All the rest - are wolves disguised as sheep

I wanna stop now
I wanna confess
So all my prejudice
Will slip away
I wanna face up
I wanna bow down
I wanna own my stuff
And start again

Verse 3
Animals - how they depend on us
We are cruel - when we abuse the trust
I believe - beyond the social norms
Might is right - does not mean we must conform

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus
Track Name: So Called Democracy
Verse 1
We did not agree
It ain't legally done
Taking liberty
Where's the democracy
How's the government serving society when they make us pay for
The greed of a banking business elite?

Verse 2
We did not consent
We did not cast our vote
For a government
To take us into war
W.M.D - there's no reality - Doctor Kelly R.I.P
Conspiracy theories 'bound to this day

So called democracy
Who's spin we can't believe
Do they think that we won't see
There's no legality?

Verse 3
We did not approve
Laws they now legislate
Live your life to work
Your retirement can wait
Where's the government think they get their mandate? Who's will they represent?
Did they forget to remember this fact?

So called democracy
B.liar we don't believe
Do they think that we can't see
There's no legality?
Track Name: Tears for Mary Jane
Verse 1
Tears for Mary Jane are drying on your pillow
Why she cannot stay, they would not say the reason
Just she has to go, but she'll be back tomorrow
Then to play again with Mary

Verse 2
Where is Mary Jane? You sitting by the window
Why will no one say when Mary Jane will be here
Why are you so sad? You should be glad you know her
Before Mary Jane - 'twas lonely

Smiles of Mary Jane are dancing in your heart beats
For Mary Jane will always be your sweetheart

Verse 3
Through your sleepy eyes your questions find an answer
Still as you arise you making plans to find her
She feels far away. Can she be found in realtime
Or on another plane - Mary Jane?

Verse 4
Prayers for Mary Jane, that she might hear your yearning
Why did she appear, were you not safely sleeping?
Search for Mary Jane within your mind she's turning
Round and round again forever

Repeat Chorus

Verse 5 (half verse)
Now you understand why no one speaks of Mary
But you don't forget the way you felt when you met

Tears for Mary Jane
Tears for Mary Jane
Track Name: Barbara Allen
In Scarlet town where I was born,
There was a fair maid dwellin'
Made every youth cry Well-a-day,
Her name was Barbara Allen

All in the merry month of May,
When green buds they're a swellin'
Young William Grove on his death-bed lay,
For love of Barbara Allen

He sent his squire unto the town
The place where she was dwellin'
Haste ye come, to my master's call,
The one who's Barbara Allen

At last appear she at the door
At last to where he's lying,
But all she says to sweet William's tears
Young man, I think you're dying

He turned his face unto the wall
As death to him was calling
Good bye, Good bye to my dear friends. All
My love to Barbara Allen

And so he died and laid in wake,
So sounded death bell knelling
And every toll, it did seem to say
Oh, cruel Barbara Allen

Oh father dear please dig a grave
And make it deep and narrow
Sweet William died, for the love of me,
And now my heart doeth follow

Very next day they bury her
Sweet William's grave beside her
And from one heart grew a red red rose
The other grew a briar

Now somewhere hides an old church yard
With graves un kept belying
Where still they twine, as in loves embrace,
The red rose and the briar