Beloved Of God

by Songs Of Dave

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3rd collection of songs from 2017


released August 3, 2017


all rights reserved



Songs Of Dave London, UK

David Kingston is a singer/songwriter, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, former Hare Krishna organisation member (Divyasimha dasa SRS, 1980 – 94),and vegetarian of 35+ years.

David's songs are generally confessional or observational in nature, sometimes comedic or ironic, mostly of philosophical or theosophical subject-matter ... often in the form of imagined dialogue with God.
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Track Name: Beloved Of God (Let it be my first thought)
Beloved of God
Beloved of God
Beloved of God
Beloved of God
Beloved of God
Beloved of God

Verse 1
Before I speak
My prejudice
Remind my mind
Is plan divine

Verse 2
Before dismiss
Or disapprove
Open my eyes
Vision revise

Try to see
This fantasy
With open eyes

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
Before I speak
Require my soul

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus


Verse 4
Sacred scheme
Beauty full dream

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus to Fade
Track Name: I Did Not Fall
Verse 1
I did not fall
I climb down here
Try understand
I come by choice

Verse 2
Banishment none
From paradise
I walk this Earth
Serves my desire

So stage is set
Have no regrets
Was no mistake to take this birth
Believe me

Verse 3
I did not fall
I climb down here
Can you accept?
I'll make this clear

Verse 4
No envious
No worm in stool
Remain divine
Divine expressed

Repeat Chorus


Verse 5
I did not fall
I climb down here
My heart's desire

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Up To Us
Up to us how divine decide express relationship
Mind reject idea stage set pass some test
Existence here must validate

Verse 1
You believe,'s'okay with me,
Sacred you and God between
Say you see with open eyes
Why now need other oblige?

Verse 2
Atheist or a theist
Brother sister everyone
Good by God - can we agree?
Perfect plan challenge to see

Repeat Chorus
Up to us how divine decide express relationship
Mind reject idea stage set pass some test
Existence here must validate


Verse 3
Doorstep conversation deep
No wonder round so running late
Hope in heart feel happiness
Tesco man I shake your hand

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: In Eyes Of God
Prologue (spoken over organ playing The Lord Is My Shepherd)
We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of (the) deceased, beloved of God, whom, in sacred collaboration, embarked upon, and succesfully completed, perfected, the most excellent of adventures. While we, us, the assembled players and extras, may not be privy to inner objectives, indeed those may only be fully understood by the two of them, let us nevertheless be confident that all along the way the planning, arrangement, coincidences, chance meetings, reverses, triumphs, adversaries, allies ... in fact the entire project management of life was handled enthuisiastically by God him/herself personally. So dear to God was - no wait, so dear to God IS ... [insert name here]

Verse 1
And yet to the eyes of some
John was an ordinary man
Lived very ordinary life
Never cheated upon his wife
He was atheist of faith
Often prejudiced
Counter point of view resist

Verse 2
Believed God implausible
Fascinated by natural
Lover of music Ludwig Van
Creator of cello, careful hands
He was sometime hard to please
Always logical

Chorus v1
Beloved of God
Objective divine
Successful life adventure lived
In eyes of God

Verse 3
Jess was a simple girl
Lived unexceptional life
Worked Dolchi shoe shop 9 to 5
Never aspire to touch the sky
She was happy with her lot
Gender stereo yes
Yet oppressed not

Chorus v2
Beloved of God
Objective divine
Perfected life adventure lived
In eyes of God


Verse 4
Doug was a gardener
Planted traditional English
Wondered what world was coming to
Born in that house across those fields
Grew green fingers on his hands
As they work the land
Knew his vegetables

Chorus v3
Beloved of God
Objective divine
Beautiful life adventure lived
In eyes of God

Outro (spoken over organ playing Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring)
I'm suggesting everyone, believers and non-believers alike, are equally beloved of God ... special to God ... that atheistic disposition is 100 percent approved of by God, celebrated by God, as is blinkered religious dogmatism, and everything in between ... that the stay at home son is loved no more (or less) than the rebelious son, that God is actively on board in facilitating every adventure. Not a blade of grass moves without the sanction of the Lord ... for him, they are all positive varieties of divine expression, focused in unique and individual ways, sometimes grand, sometimes humble, and regardless of flavour, they are all always explorations of divinity.
Track Name: Soul On Soul
Verse 1
I wonder why
Ask not a question
More a suggestion
Look to the sky

Verse 2
Beyond the star
Faster than light speed
Quicker than mind thought
How does it serve?

One in relationship to another
Soul on soul

Verse 3
I wonder why
One many become
Flirt with illusion
Maya delude

Repeat Chorus


Verse 4
I wonder why
Desire to know why
Plan now forgotten
Time to recall

Repeat Chorus to fade
Track Name: Why On Earth?
Verse 1
My mind fill my head with ideas
Try convey to my wife
She don't like what I say
Beauty - she don't find where I see
Mental speculation
I have no authority

Chorus v1
This is not your planet
No one think like you do
Why on earth take birth here?

Verse 2
Threatened by this equal vision
Ev'ryone beloved
Adolf Hitler even
Argue not one blade of grass moves
Logical conclusion
God is in collusion

Repeat Chorus v1


Verse 3
Karma reaction to past deed
Perfect explanation
Hoddle Glenn no mention
I say I respect opinion
I believe is sacred
Let's agree to disagree

Chorus v2
This is not my planet
No one think like I do
Why on earth take birth here?
Track Name: Show Your Hand
I want to understand what make you tick
I want to know your plan, say what's a foot
Desire to know so make my peace
Now don't de-lie me, show your hand

Verse 1
I want to see you
Soul recognise truth
I need to be certain, have to be sure
I want to believe
I want to find freedom
Comprehend reason, clear this confusion

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Reveal to me pray
Alleviate doubt
Convey key objective, tell me today
For once and for all
Step into the light
Explain to me victim - seems you abandon

(I want to)

Verse 3
I'm down on my knees
Is crisis of faith
I want to believe but egg on my face
I'm begging you please
Come clean with your scheme
Dispel this illusion, maya delusion

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Journey Home
Verse 1
And if I see you on my road
Will I argue destiny
Today we meet by providence
Is somehow meant to be us?

Verse 2
As if the universe conspires
To bring us both to this place
That eyes might rest upon your face
Or just coincidence see?

Take my hand warm - walk with me
Let's see what we find
Us reunited - glad you made it
Journey home resume ... hey ho

Verse 3
Though you may-be-loved of God
Somehow you choose with me stay
Remind myself must shake his hand
When we arrive in promised land

Repeat Chorus


Verse 4
Together march the dusty road
Sometime the grassy path stroll
Across sea seven deep set sail
On homeward bound adventure

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Yesterday's Truth
Yesterday's truth
No longer embrace
Situation - face it
There's no escape from

Verse 1
Used to believe
Soul is fallen
Compromised now
Human birth born
Life goal prescribed
Sole objective

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Choice surrender
Mentor defer
Which direction
Never question
Absolute see
Divine vision
No own opinion

Breakdown + Spoken word

Yesterday's truth ... looking back I see lies, or at least complex ideas simplified to the point of untruth. Were they white lies, necessary, even essential to progress at the time, dictated by limited understanding capacity of the audience. Maybe they were, but they set the stage for future struggle - a time when those untruths became apparent, and continued progress therefore required their rejection ... resulting in isolation from the community of followers.

The realisation that everything is perfect now --- or is this conviction just tomorrow's yesterday's truth?

Chorus to fade
Track Name: Real Lies - Real Eyes - Realise
Verse 1
They may be wishful thought
They may amount to nought
They may be fantasy
They may be slow to see
They may be black or white
They may be wrong or right

Verse 2
They may be love or lust
They may betray your trust
They may be in your face
They may be cause to trace
They may be to your self
Or tell to someone else

Chorus v1
They maybe fake untruth - they maybe real lies
Try either way today see with real eyes
Time now come to finally realise

Verse 3
They may believable
They may be long or tall
They may be shade of grey
They may be mind game play
They may be in your head
They may be thing she said

Repeat Chorus v1


Verse 4
They may be kind or mean
They may deny unseen
They may be accident
They may be vicious meant
They may facilitate
They may manipulate

Chorus v2 - repeat to fade
They maybe fake untruth - they maybe real lies
Try either way today see with real eyes
Time now come finally you realise
Track Name: Not If I'm Divine
Against my will
Cannot be real
Not if I'm divine
How much appear
Cannot be true
Not if I'm a part of you

Verse 1
Yet here am I
Feel hands are tied
Choices denied
Feel I'm obliged
My divine
Fear left behind
Is somehow lost

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Conviction deep
Always on my side
Seen favourable
I am in your eyes
Crisis of faith
Uncertainty face
As if on my own
Yet again return

Repeat Chorus


Verse 3
I-soul believe
No goal prescribed
Is up to me
Is good by you
But come to doubt
This cherished truth
How much convinced
Now call my bluff
Track Name: So Help Me God
So Help Me God

[Verse 1]
I've been thinking 'bout convictions
Mine sometimes outrageous they seem
No one victim, for example, one
So I apologise if I'm mistaken

[Verse 2]
I've been thinking 'bout my reason
Has to do with divinity
I believe true everyone divine
So how can I accept something against will?

Audacious bold idea
Evidence that I'm wrong is strong
Is everywhere, still I hang on
So help me God

[Verse 3]
I've been thinking 'bout believing
Maybe stay or maybe leaving
Please forgive me for my making sense
Meant no offense, I only wanted serve you

[Repeat Chorus]


[Repeat Chorus]
Track Name: Needs
[Verse 1]
Victim needs abuser needs a target needs wrong-doer needs a victim needs aggressor
So may understand forgiveness

[Verse 2]
Leader needs follower needs a mentor needs disciple needs a guru needs a fallen soul to save
That they may mercy taste

God need nothing - or does she/he?
Maybe God's in us - you and me?
Maybe we version of God
Purpose somehow today forgot?

[Verse 3]
Lover needs beloved needs a Other needs object autonomous freedom to choose
That they may know love unconditional


[Dream Sequence - spoken word]
Mother-child; brother-sister; daughter-father; husband-wife; daughter-mother
All the way back to the one without a second - many become:
jiva-vishnu; paramatma atma-jiva jiva-atma
Atma-vishnu vishnu-atma vishnu-jiva atma-atma

[Repeat Chorus]

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